Friday Favorite Vol. 4

It’s been quite a week!  My first one on my hiatus from employment.  I’ve cooked a lot this week and accomplished a lot of wedding planning details.  But enough about what I’ve done this week!

On to my favorites!

This week’s culinary goal is to make this Roasted Fig & Goat Cheese Ice Cream!  Figs!  Goat Cheese!  Ice Cream!  What!?  Must make this!  MUST EAT ALL THE FIGS!!  Sorry for the over use of caps lock there.  Just trying to impress upon you how much I want to eat this.

Photo Credit: White On Rice Couple

Moving on……

I am OBSESSED with this bridal make-up tutorial!  I’m going to have to try this.  I think it’s perfect for my wedding day, special occasions, and Wednesdays.

Chances of reaching this level of beauty on my wedding day are reduced if I keep eating this Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin.  It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  You read that right.  I adapted this recipe ever so slightly to suite our tastes a little better.  But, bottom line, this stuff is amazing, cheesy goodness.  Go eat it right now!

Swinging back to talk about beauty a bit.  I’ve been eating a lot of that cheesy spaghetti squash miracle.  So I’ve been working out a little more – you know, just in case!  My energy level has been growing again after my last flare up and I’m finally able to actually work out again.  I’m getting muscles again!  Ok, small ones.  But still muscles.  What have I been doing?  The Tracy Anderson Method.  I gotta tell you, I feel absolutely ridiculous flapping my arms around like a drunk chicken!  But it’s working!  And that’s all that matters.  Here’s a good example.  Feel free to laugh your head off!  Haha!

 That’s it for this week, guys!  I’ll be back very soon with a new recipe for you all to try.

 Have a great weekend!



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